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Scenarios - Expanding 7D2D Easily

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    Scenarios - Expanding 7D2D Easily

    This isn’t a new idea, but I think if 7D2D had “Scenarios” it could be a relatively easy feature to add that could add several hours of gameplay to the initial hours a typical player engages in. Scenarios are typical modes of play found in several tower defense and strategy games.

    Basically, you choose a scenario from a list that is perhaps ordered by difficulty. As an example of a scenario, you could spawn into a map that is fully a snow biome. You are given an initial inventory, gear, and supplies. X amount of days have already passed, your gamestage is already set, and your skill points have already been assigned. The goal is to simply survive through the next blood moon horde in 7 days. You either win or you fail.

    This is of course only one out of an endless possibility of scenarios. This could even be a thing where through XML, users could create and share scenarios... or even challenge friends to complete your scenario. As another possibility, using the challenges system already in place, a scenario could be to just clear zombies from say 20 locations within 7 days. Possibilities are truly endless and could be a lot of fun. It could introduce players to different gameplay strategies that they would not normally try or invest the time into for a typical single player game. Some scenarios could be really short to attract more of the casual players, or for quick games before work or school.

    I thought I would hate this very sort of thing in THE LONG DARK- and I ended up loving it, so I know it would work great in 7d2d as well, and have long wanted this now for this game.

    Not just scenarios but entire new game modes that dramatically change up the game and how it's experienced. Like... Dev level total conversion mod type stuff!

    At the very least- once the game is further along- ya'll awesome modders are going to make this happen anyways, so I feel confident in the future of this sort of thing for this game.