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Dithering diomes for seemless transitions?

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    Dithering diomes for seemless transitions?

    This is more of a thought experiment I guess...

    In order to get a more seemless transition between biomes you could have a gradient translucent block biome texture border overlap around each terrain block. That would make for a more gradual change between the biomes. Additionally, you might be able to set it so you only have to draw every other block, or to use a 2048x2048 map to populate a 4096x4096 world. Not sure how viable it would be (game resources wise) but it could improve the immersion of the game.

    It really boils down to the number of textures the terrain shader can project and mix, and how many transitions it can have.

    Dithering is possible already (editing the biomes.png), and probably the best solution while keeping the runtime performance up.