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Underwater World+Space Adventure+Other Ideas - The Unexplored Potential(+Paid DLC's)

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    Underwater World+Space Adventure+Other Ideas - The Unexplored Potential(+Paid DLC's)

    Please read ENTIRE THREAD & COMMENTS (Edited main post because it seems people get lost in the detail, see other pages for better descriptions, and to everyone saying the game is about zombies - technically it states very clearly when you open the game that it is a "Survival Horde Crafting Game" thus we can define the horde as we want to and, as the developers have stated themselves, there are no rules to this particular sandbox game)

    IMPORTANT: Takes about 2-3 days for your account to become active on the official forum so that you can comment, so please register, link your steam and then post a comment after the waiting period!

    ALSO IMPORTANT FOR THE DEVS: Why assume that we desire the game's water mechanics to be ultra realistic?
    Why not create an unmoddable (we can change anything about it) ocean area where we can see your artistic side and rather than CREATE, we can EXPLORE and SEE (Experience) and it would be the perfect place to create lore for the game IMO)

    To view this topic on steam:

    To view on reddit:

    Important question to the devs: Would you consider making the game open source if you finished it so that the modding community can take over?

    Imagine ocean, beaches, islands, tropical fruits, tropical animals and maybe even an Atlantis type of scenario where we could craft scuba gear and explore the endless possibilities of an aquatic world. Obviously fish is a no brainer and sharks/crocodiles (obviously fresh water vs salt water difference) could keep you in check. Heck, I wouldn't mind finding advanced civilizations with "bio enhancements".

    Imagine then trying to create some lore (it might start to sound similar to No Mans Sky) but it is 2019 and even Call Of Duty has copied the battle royale. Stop trying to fit the original packaging when you have hardcore and dedicated fans STILL playing and believing in this game. Break the rules, adjust other rules, and most of all..give us a beautiful sandbox game, the only thing we really care about. I still recommend this game to so many people and speak highly of it. Why not start thinking about adding Sims like house editing in it.. patch the game so you can see where your players actually spend most of their time rather than assuming it. I'll gladly allow you to monitor my gameplay because I believe in this game and what it could become.

    Why are there no cows? horses? sheep? cattle? SO many possibilities to become the game of the century???

    It might look like I haven't spent so much time in the game but I'm a pirate first, a player second and I ended up buying a 4 pack of this game a while back to get my friends to join me. We recently started playing again and although I'm having fun.. I still see so much unexplored potential..why not look into which mods people download and maybe consider adding them the game? If you have proper NPC's you can start a town and have them manage the farming and protection..maybe even raid groups with NPC's.

    Stop fixing light rays and start fixing the game "experience" (not just gameplay because that is well polished in my opinion) you deserve to release paid DLC's because you haven't asked for it in six years. I'll gladly buy it if these features are added.

    Brief Summary Thus far:

    *Scuba activities and everything related to it (Page 3)

    *Atlantis (or similar underwater world, Navezgane could remain mostly static but the location of the underwater
    world biome can be dynamic everytime.)

    *Consider placing "Atlantis" in the "Bermuda Triangle" with the Kraken??

    *Proper sailboat because why just settle for a raft when, realistically we can already craft more complicated
    things in the game.

    *solar panels especially for water worlds and to not have to get fuel all the time, wear and tear on the panels
    for constant replacement

    *Space Adventures and Aliens (Including a massive requirements to build the rocket as to keep the grinding of
    resources fun because there is an end goal) could be regarded as an intelligent species so that we have a horde on both sides of the spectrum.

    *Add Cave systems in Forest biome, Castle where the barbarians of the world before remain/lived in snow
    biome, Egypt like tombs in desert biome, bunkers in wasteland/fallout biome?

    *Create a main story (maybe multiple endings) to create lore and move to a more RPG style game? and use
    current quest system as base for cool side quests?

    *Call of duty type of game mechanics and handling with battlefield physics for bullet drops (look at warthunder
    before you say physics is complicated, they managed to get a heck of a ton right somehow)

    *Hang glider (like far Cry 2)/ zip line system (like The Forest)

    *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Fruit trees and Vegetables with many different recipes and buffs (major turn on from
    the game, and easy to implement)

    *Add bosses for each biome, part of story/lore (mutated animals/people/zombies) to keep it fun

    *Maybe railway system with ability to build train to move between bases in different biomes (above and below

    *Hot air balloons?? Plains?? (if bringing in space adventures)

    *Maybe be able to build a city/base on which you can attach hot air balloon to make it float? or Moving? (Mortal
    Engines vibes)

    *Coral reefs for scuba diving and the ability to create your own reefs (we just recently managed to do that in
    real life, read up about it)

    *Consider making a second world map to please the people who like the game as it is, and a new one, for the

    *Switch between third (when running) and first person (When aiming) (Like Assassins Creed)

    *The ability to create a city with NPC's which run farms, building, resource gathering, going on raids with you
    etc etc etc

    *Animal Companion System (Getting a dog or cat, can't be infected and helps scout/attack zombies with
    backpack and armor etc etc

    *Tractor for large scale farming (especially if cities with NPC's gets implemented to feed everyone)

    *Obviously other farming equipment would be cool if it gets implemented.

    *Guilds for large server usage so the need for constant Party Invites can disappear, maybe even guild vault in a
    secure bank with valuable loot (Constantly reinforcing the idea of having a city with NPC's that can protect the
    bank against other raiding players with their NPC's with them)

    *The Sims like house editing features to really create an astounding home/base/city with the beautiful graphics
    of this sandbox game

    *Ability to make different alcohols like vodka, rum, whiskey and Gin (different Gin dependings on which fruits
    you use as you can use A LOT of different fruits to make gin, each with own buffs and stuff)

    *More block types, just look at Minecraft (Wool from sheep and leather couches/furniture is a good start ,
    anything to decorate more, to really make the game personal)

    *Airdrop Flares so that people who leave the markers off can see the direction of the crate and make a quick in
    game marker in the general direction

    *Have to press "E" (collect button) to remove seeds from ground after planting them yourself to avoid
    accidental removal on the ground and just make farming a lot easier

    *Press "R" when opening chest to automatically dump "extra" inventory in chests, keep items on toolbelt and in
    "selected" blocks in your inventory, rest gets sorted into chest by either adding to other stacks or using a new
    block in the chest

    *add "scenarios" (like the old school age of empires fans know) where you can play as different people
    before/after the nuclear fallout to learn backstory (another opportunity to create lore, without actually
    affecting the "no rules" in Navezgane

    *underground wiring using wiring tool to bridge wired connections in a small city neatly

    *TNT mining, as in real life and minecraft.

    *Make a fully RPG map to give the flesh to the lore side, also will attract a completely new set of gamers and
    give old ones so replay ability

    *Easier to build guns, customize them, and use them (maybe even name them - borderlands style)


    Sincere Regards,
    Jacques and BodyBagger (Page 3 for his post on scuba or to view it on steam)
    Last edited by Jacquesdv14; 05-28-2019, 07:33 AM. Reason: Title change (editing for better understanding on goal of thread)

    dude, i'm sorry but just no.
    i read the whole article and you put much effort and thinking into it.
    but does it sound like 7 Days? definitely not. what you're asking for is a whole new game.
    none of this has anything to do with a zombie apocalypse, but rather subnautica (i guess - never played it).


      play another game....

      I would say that maybe some mods could do this in the future, but water physics is not suitable for this at all.


        I agree that some love to the underwater biome would be cool. I'm not sure they will go as far as you outlined but at least some submerged POI's and some gear would be welcome.


          Ok, but what about space OP? Creating space programs, assembling and launching rockets, rocket fuel researching, sending satellites into orbit, landing on Mars, mapping black holes, colonizing other galaxies?


            Hm, funny idea to have more under water POIs.

            So I why not spend 15 minutes and just implement that in NitroGen:

            "Sunken World Scenario"

            all POIs are submerged in water (except mountain huts)
            gives the player a reason to use the swimming ability a bit more.





                Originally posted by RestInPieces View Post
                Ok, but what about space OP? Creating space programs, assembling and launching rockets, rocket fuel researching, sending satellites into orbit, landing on Mars, mapping black holes, colonizing other galaxies?
                That would be Empyrion. :P


                  Adding new biomes with new everything (blocks, items, creatures, vehicles) a few times a year would certainly be good way to keep people interested in the game over a long period of time. I remember that exploring all the different biomes was mighty impressive when I first played the game. After that, settling in each one of them kept my interest.


                    Originally posted by Damocles View Post
                    Hm, funny idea to have more under water POIs.

                    So I why not spend 15 minutes and just implement that in NitroGen:

                    "Sunken World Scenario"

                    all POIs are submerged in water (except mountain huts)
                    gives the player a reason to use the swimming ability a bit more.
                    Nice indeed. This tool should be part of the game and easy to control with a few sliders. Cuz - get yer torches and pitchforks ready, y'all diligent nerdos - I'm not downloading that third party tool and learn how to use it. My loss, of course, but also that of the company, as more neat features are a great method to make one's product more interesting.


                      Once you get it running, all you need to do is hit the generate-wold button and wait 3 minutes for the generation to get a decent (singpleplayer/Coop) 8K map. Copy it to the 7DTD generated world folder, and you are done.
                      (there are buttons that can open both the gen and 7DtD folders for convenience)

                      All the options are optional to tweak around, or make a fully custom map ... but the default setting should be enough if you just want a nice map.

                      Of course a generator included into the game will be the convenient default for most players. But NitroGen takes a different approach and lets you choose how the world should look like beforehand. The included RWG is using a single seed and map size as parameters (that can be shared to others on the other hand).
                      Last edited by Damocles; 05-23-2019, 07:39 PM.


                        As awesome as that submerged world appears, it would suck mightily with the current state of "swimming" and water physics...

                        But it does show the potential.


                          The algorithm keeps most POIs are relatively close to the shore (crossing a big lake would not be fun).

                          The POIs are only flooded in their lower levels, a completely submerged POI would be overkill. You basically jump from roof to roof in this scenario.

                          Of course there are still bugs with the way water is distributed. But thats an issue that hopefully gets solved later in the game.

                          Its quite fun when you are looting the top floor and the zombies suddenly come up the stairs out of the water.


                            Originally posted by SylenThunder View Post
                            That would be Empyrion. :P
                            They stole my ideas?! Scoundrels!


                              This guy.. I like this guy. it doesn't have to be specifically what I and BodyBagger said..just some flair every six months to keep people interested.. That's what minecraft, No Man's Sky and so many other games have done. It doesn't matter what they implement, as long as they implement it..Light rays, for example, I don't give a ♥♥♥♥ about.. I stare at it for 2 seconds and continue PLAYING the GAME and be honest, if they don't have drastic changes soon they might lose all their HARDCORE fans.