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Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)

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    How about a mod for the 4x4 where you can put on a turret and a player can use it so it goes up to three players in the car, the reason for that is because me and 2 friends i play with we always use alot of gas because we can't use one car for all 3


      Originally posted by The Blue Fox View Post
      I do wonder what the high demand list would look like if they updated it now. Does anybody know if anything other than what's already listed is being requested a lot?
      From what I can tell this hasn't been updated in quite some time, the idea of this list was really good, and I would have liked to see someone more active possibly take over lol, mainly because half of the list has already been implemented in the game, but no list update. Very good idea in theory if it was managed well.

      While we are on the topic ive made a list but here ill keep it simple, its all mainly new items to craft.

      Player crafting:
      I seen someone mention working escalator lifts, I would love to see that, and ziplines (we had them in creative menu at one stage)

      String lights, neon signs and Lightboxes for signs (basically a block that looks like its back lit, then you can put metal signs on it to customize it however you please)

      More block shape options (like the round/curved block ect.)

      Window block shape options (for different window, window frames, blinds, ect)

      Electrical furniture with block shape options. (like the metal furniture but for fridges, computers, microwaves, coffee machines, ect)

      In game items:
      Parachute so when i accidentally eject myself from my gyro i dont have to helplessly and awkwardly watch myself fall to my inevitable fate

      Small boat

      Fishing rod along with the mechanics that have previously been mentioned

      Animals traps and ability to breed/farm them also previously mentioned.

      Maybe some more traps like a flame thrower.

      Other than that I love the little surprises we get in each alpha, when the gyro came out it was mind blowing, now the new drone turret, they have some wicked ideas, ive always had faith!


        On the topic of weapons and tools

        * Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and / or seeds.
        * More accessory and types for weapons

        What I really miss is a normal gas mask!
        Which is used like a scarf.
        Then you can put on a military helmet.
        And maybe an eye patch
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          Which I would also find very good
          if you could also hit with a firearm. With the piston, the knob, or the MG has a knife on the front.
          Even if it doesn't do a lot of damage, but to make the zombie tumble backwards.