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    Great work with all the updates pimps! Just a few suggestions/questions!

    I would love to see the hit distance for zombies/dogs cleaned up a little. Seems like many other have voiced this!

    Getting very strange shadows on water.

    Zombie spawn distance could also use some love.

    and of course some intense optimization with the game overall. I have a great rig and even run a game booster/close unwanted programs. Very choppy.

    Has the bike glitches been completely fixed?

    When sneaking and interacting with items (example) cutting down trees/breaking something, the Undetected notification pops up way to much. I know this is important but is there a way to make it less immersive breaking?

    Has the drowning outside the water bug been fixed? Also bunnies can walk on water. Who would have guessed lol

    Horde mode <3

    Any thoughts on re implementing sneaking through one block?

    When will we have all the sexy POI's in RWG? Why should Navegame get all the love?

    Ether way I love this game! Keep up the great work pimps I look forward to more Frames and more content on the next build!


      I dont have the link anymore, but i saw a few request for workshop support. I thought mm even said it was coming, but i'm not sure. This would be a god send for getting mods working with updates.


        Yes, TFP definitely want to support modding - just not yet.

        First there has to be a game. Like a working one. =)


          +1 to

          *I would really love to have seasons in the game. I know it has been talked about but now it seems all the basic components for this are already in the game.

          *Kick - with a foot to unbalance zombie and gain distance. And some skills with it. (like make it extra useful against crawlers)


            Kick in zombie i like that idea.


              Where are the trains in the list? :O


                I've not updated this list in a long time only because there are more important issues that need to be resolved before things are implemented, I hope.

                The game for many communities, like mine, is very unstable and many issues. It could be a number of things but once The Fun Pimps start work on adding more custom items I will go through this section but for the meantime I wont be updating this list. There are things in this list that have been requested for a long time and sadly not in the game as other things take priority.


                  Originally posted by Demalis View Post
                  How about using rotting flesh, you can harvest it from zombie corpses, so it would not be as much grief for the FP.
                  Agree - catfish would definitely go after the rotting flesh as a stink bait. If fishing gets added, this would be a good use of the rotten flesh.


                    +1 Electricity would be great.


                      Originally posted by Guppycur View Post
                      Leaning. E and Q, to peek around corners. Probably only useful once stealth is in place.

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      ah crap, sorry, didn't read the thread rules. I've no clue where the url link to my "dream" is, I gave up a long time ago believing the pimps looked at this thread.
                      Believe again. I can view on my panel exactly who has read the thread and among the list are none other than Kinyaju, Alloc, and Madmole. They lurk in Pimp Dreams.....


                        Originally posted by Roland View Post
                        Believe again. I can view on my panel exactly who has read the thread and among the list are none other than Kinyaju, Alloc, and Madmole. They lurk in Pimp Dreams.....
                        So there is indeed hope?


                          Originally posted by Alpacko View Post
                          Where are the trains in the list? :O
                          Originally posted by pondfisher View Post
                          +1 Electricity would be great.

                          These two things need to be real.


                            Love the game Pimps

                            Thinking maybe secret doors to hide ones base from others.


                              Great post! Hopefully these ideas get implemented. Especially the fishing portion. It would make obtaining a food source a little simpler (not that it's too hard already.)



                                They should add some type of power to
                                Lights it would be amazing!

                                If someone said this please don't get mad.