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    Another idea I thought about was making the effect of the LCB dynamic depending on where the base was placed vertically.

    At a height of '0' the LCB could provide it's maximum set protection but as the player builds higher or lower the protection decreases.

    So if a player builds at the sky the protection bonus is almost zero, same for bedrock.

    This would encourage players to create more designs other than hiding everything underground or at the sky.

    Where you place the LCB vertically shouldn't effect the decrease. For example, if you place the LCB at bedrock it will still only provide minimal defence at bedrock and the maxmimum at 0.


      In regards to the LCB's, you can adjust how hardened they make things in the server options.
      You could also mod the explosives to deal greater block damage.

      I would also like to point out that it's "Nerd poling", not Nerf.


        Originally posted by caatalyst View Post
        Unfortunately dude I don't have time to Debate with you all day over a topic which you haven't even explored as a player. Notice we are in the PVP section now... How you choose to build and design in PVE I have no interest :-) If you want to discuss further I'll be more than happy to once you've done some PVP. With that said, you are right I'll explain the points I've raised and why they are a problem.

        Hatch Elevator Exploit

        I've copied my text from the A17 thread for you Stallionsden because you keep coming back with crap that I've already addressed. Raiding times are massively increased because of this exploit. There is currently no counter measure and in PVP every defence or offense needs a countermeasure or it becomes imbalanced.

        Teleporting instantly through solid steel from one location to another causes major problems when it comes to balancing raiding. It's a big problem in multiplayer because players create 'safe spaces' that are inaccessible. It's a raid breaker. I expect it is also an issue in PVE because players can teleport themselves instantly to safety rather than fight hordes.

        It's a cheap tactic to get from one place to another instantly. No exploit in the game is a good idea or smart. Players should be encouraged to design their bases well using the traps, tools and turrets available because right now they don't need to use any of those things with the hatch elevator making all of their loot inaccessible.

        Let me lay out a stereotypical scenario for how this goes in a PVP environment just in case there are people who are inexperienced.

        A player builds a tower base, surrounds it with a 5 block wide pit to bedrock. They've got multiple LCBs hidden in their tower at different locations providing only 16x protection. The LCB covers 40x40 which is standard now since electricity was brought in.

        Lets say they build their entrance level with the ground that's at around +1 and you manage to find a way in (For the sake of this conversation this part can be easy when usually it's not). Bare in mind this tower goes to the maximum height of the map. I can't remember what this is... maybe +160 blocks. This means there is no jumping across.

        When you get in all you find is a hollow space except for a hatch elevator in the centre that goes up 60+ blocks to the room in the sky. The only way up is to knock out the wall blocks and make stairs out of them. If every block takes you 10-15 minutes to knock out because they are solid steel you will be there all night and day doing it. @Stallionsden do you get from this alone why this is a huge problem? If raiding goes on for an entire day then you are basically telling the vast majority of the community that they can't do it and putting them at a huge disadvantage... and anyone who even has an entire day to do it, are they going to want to stare at steel / concrete for hours and hours listening to an auger for a bit of loot? Do you still think its fun? smart?

        This is a fairly common approach to base design in PVP because it is enabled by exploits. As ever player starts to do this all that happens is players stop playing for two reasons;

        - Raiding is not practical, worthwhile or fun
        - Players get bored because they create an inaccessible safe space where there are no threats for them

        Raiding in PVP is a fundamental part of the game. If you take that out then there is only PVE and the PVE on large pop servers is broken to hell. Naturally players will go for the easy safety option because that's the survival part of the game kicking in. Just like players in PVE hide underground at bedrock to avoid any threats. If that was me I'd just go play creative mode. This isn't 7 Days to hide....

        I'm not saying I want raiding to be easy, I'm saying players should be rewarded for base designs that are actual good and NOT using exploits.

        I appreciate that PVP isn't on the Fun Pimps priority list, but some small changes like eliminating the hatch elevator glitch would certainly help in both PVE and PVP environments.

        One solution would be to make the hatch block take up 2 blocks (one block higher than it currently is). This would stop players building them directly on top of one another. The other solution would be to add a lock pick to get access to the bottom hatch. I could live with it if that was a viable option.

        I'm all for an actual elevator but the devs should keep locks off it unless they intend on adding a lock picking tool because it will just lead to the same issues in PVP. It could still lead to the same issues in PVE though where players flee horde night to their sky space as well.

        Nerf Polling / Ladders

        A little bit trickier to deal with but if you take away the hatch elevator system we are left with nerf polling and destroying ladders instead creating the same issue. Somebody suggested on a different topic about player threats that when a player knocks out a ladder all of the other ladders break. This could be one solution. Nerf polling could also be an option that can be switched on or off in the game menu. True Survival did it and it played just fine :-)

        Hopefully that clears everything up for you Stallionsden and go play some PVP then come back to the PVP thread to discuss :-)
        Actually this is the pumps dream and "the PvP update" lol. No rules stating I can't have a say in any thread. Whether I play PvP. Pve upside down twister or what. I can visit any thread and add my thoughts just like you are.


          Pvp alpha v. 18!!!! booyah


            Land claim modifier so online works independently from the offline modifier.

            Only thing really preventing people from PvP in the years I have is they don't like being raided while offline. Takes too much time to set up bases and gather vast resources.


              So long as I can opt out or not join PVP servers im fine with that. Too many games are going PVP but completely ignore security and they destroy the game with hacks. I personally will never play 7 days in a pvp environment, The gamers that enjoy that type of gameplay are malicious little egomaniacs id sooner punch in the mouth than speak to...Surviving as it is is challenge enough, I dont need to login and find my base looted offline by some kid too scared to face me online, nor suffer constant attack by griefers..Pass Pimps...


                I have 6000+ hours in this game. In the last 3 years it has almost all been PvP. One of the biggest problems I have is when i get killed and lose all the armor mods and weapons I spent 100+ hours gathering. When I go out to try and find more it is extremly difficult going up against the zombies at my game stage, when my gear now does not match my gamestage. Maybe there would be a way for the game stage to be dropped when you are not well equipped?


                  The problem with catalysts take on PvP is that it should take forever to raid a base like the one he is mentioning, or a large group half a day. Do you realize how long it took that guy to buiild that base? It should take 5 times longer to raid a base as it takes to build it, should be a good standard.