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    Kinyajuu's Bio

    I decided I would make a post to give a little back story to the fans. I know you guys wonder about the team and I'm here to at least give you insight into my past and how I got here.

    I've been playing video games as far back as I can remember. I had an atari 2600 until I was 7 or 8 then I got a nintendo. It was so much fun, even more fun once I had a game genie and learned about hex code hacking. That piqued my interest in games and how they work.

    I started programming around 9-10 years old when I got my first computer. Internet was on dial up back then and was long distance so I had to find things on the computer to keep myself entertained. While digging around in the file system I found something called QBasic. I eventually started modding the stock game that came with it, some gorrilas throwing explosive bannanas at each other (like worms world war but one weapon, bannanas). I was hooked. I got Doom the year after and also the internet. I found out about modding Doom and making levels. I was even more hooked.

    Fast forward 6 years, I was playing a game called Fallout: Tactics, it had an upcoming release for a level editor. I promptly went to the gamespy fansite (planetfallout) and asked if I could provide what html knowledge I had gained over the years, they said yes. I set up the map database and I did a couple of tutorials for using the editor (got it early WOO!).

    A year or so later the site was disbanded for whatever reason and I moved on to helping with a project called egoboo doing modeling (I've tried a little of everything by this point). Met the guy that did the voice for Serious Sam, made some models and animations, then moved on to looking for my first REAL programming gig.

    I eventually landed a job doing programming for a local real estate company (of which i returned to a few times over my career). I also spent 3 years doing Quality Assurance which taught me C# and how to be a better programmer. I also met another person as interested in game programming as myself and we did several little projects just to hone our skills and work on ideas (You all know him as Lathan, aka Prime, now working for TFP as well.). A couple years after I left the QA job (back at the real estate company), I eventually ran across Unity and decided I wanted to make a game no matter what. I started on A Wasted Life.

    That was almost 5 years ago, A Wasted Life was a procedurally generated zombie hack and slash game similar to diablo. I had gotten some things in, even a lot editor, weapons, and the start of multiplayer.(view it here).

    Then 7DTD came out.

    I loved it. I ended up asking to work for the team. With the modding and game creation portfolio I had I was given a shot. Now I work on RWG, Custom Characters, and Gameplay Mechanics. It's been a long road but looking back, my life was pointed in this direction all along. 7dtd is a labor of love, many ideas i've had over the years I try to bring to the table. I've played too many games to count at this point in my life and have played with impatient and patient gamers alike.

    Being on the other side of the curtain now is amazing. I love that I can work on something that gives others joy. It's hard work but it's entirely worth it.

    The key to becoming a game dev is not trying to be a pro game dev overnight, just toy around with ideas and mechanics. Over time you'll find that your ideas will become more solid and getting that leveling system in, for example, will get easier each time. Even if it's just a game for you and a few friends it'll always be something you can show off when applying for any programming gig. You wouldn't believe how many fields of programming you touch doing this kind of thing. Simulations, Database access, pseudo-physics, you name it. If you have a love for it, you'll know it. Just keep chugging along, break your own records, and keep trying. It's a willpower thing, never get frustrated at yourself, you'll eventually figure it out if you immerse yourself in it.

    Oh, the other key is math, LOTS of math. :P

    I hope that gives a little insight. It's hard to tell how detailed to get when telling one's own story so I tried to keep it game development related. I love this team, our fans, and the game. I hope to continue to be able to provide you all with fun things to occupy your down time.
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    Very cool. I am jelly.

    I've always been kind of creative, am into 3D modelling and such but coding intimidates me. I've always been drawn to games that have some sort of player editing feature enabled. Racing games with track builders for example. Thanks to a few really smart people, some editing tools enabled me to make a few tracks for a game called Grand Prix Legends 10 or 12 years ago. That was so much fun!!

    Your story is kind of inspiring...but I fear I'm a bit old to learn to code at this point. Still, is cool to see it's possible to catch a break and live the dream.. Congrats!!
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      Wow, that's quite the biography there. Thanks for sharing that with us.

      I've always wanted to make a game... more specifically a post apocalyptic farming simulator (similar appearance and top down view as classic Fallout series, no zombies, craft-able shelters and stuff, etc...), but with my close friend being way too busy with university stuff and working long hours as some kind of lawyer, and me not having any knowledge / experience in this stuff... I doubt I'll ever see the game of my dreams. Going by your post, it looks like it would take me forever to gain the knowledge to be able to get a game coded.


        Very inspiring story. I myself have dabbled a little in 3D modelling and animation, GUI design, QBasic (wow, that's an old language), Visual Basic, server-side functions and database queries / integration, and client-side coding / design / interaction. I'm currently a web developer, and when I compare my job to what others tell me they do, I feel like I have the best job in the world for my skill-set.

        However, even at the age of 41, I've always wanted to make a game. I have a lot of experience with beginner stuff (3D Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, Unreal Editor (now Unreal Egnine / UDK), and have just started looking into C++ programming for Windows Apps / Mobile Apps. I say it's never too late to pursue a hobby. And if you get good enough at it, why not make it your career?

        Between your story, madmole's story, and knowing a few others in the industry, I believe anyone can do what they dream of doing, with the right motivation and drive. Yes, it takes time, but if you're passionate about it, you find time.

        Thanks for sharing.


          I had my son read your bio as soon as I was done with it. He is 16 years old and has been teaching himself programming. Very inspiring story. I am glad you got to where you are and especially because your own hard work and honed skills had as much to do with it as getting the lucky break of finding this game and being in the right place at the right time to request an audition by The Fun Pimps. Life may hand us a lucky break but if we don't have the talent or skills to take advantage of the opportunity it means nothing.

          More selfishly I am glad that you have been so involved with the random world generation because it rocks and it has just improved with each new build. I can't wait to move around in your A12 iteration of the world!


            Congrats Kinjayuu and thanks for the bio. Keep up the great work. You guys have heart and it shows!


              Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to hear an honest story of how someone got somewhere far simply by exploring and pursuing their dreams and passions.

              Sometimes it seems like it takes luck, opportunity, and even being handed things to be successful. However The Fun Pimps and their stories serve as an inspiration and a testament that you don't need things to line up nicely and have the opportunity to get where you want. You just have to find your way there and make the opportunity.

              It reminds me of some things I need to do in my personal life too. After I graduated High school I focused only on getting a job and things have recently gotten a bit stagnant for me. I need to follow your example.

              Firstly, something I have thought of doing, is just writing some programs and working on some 3d models. Work on some ideas and concepts and implement them. Both to serve as a refresher and so I don't lose my skills, and to gain some practical experience and possibly learn something new.

              I also need to get back to playing my guitar. Something I've kind of put off. My brother, his best friend, and I are more or less in a band. However we've all kind of put the band to the side, we stopped doing our weekly sessions and stopped practicing our instruments. We've gone off track. We need to get back on that.

              My only concern is if I ever have to choose between music and programming. Though I suppose I wouldn't be the first person to achieve multiple things in their lifetime.


                Nice bio - whatever you do, do what you enjoy!

                There are times I wish I could afford to take that advice. A little envious sometimes of the devs... hehe.


                  Very good bio. It's nice to read and is very interesting


                    Thanks everyone that's commented so far. I'm so happy so many are finding it inspirational. So long as you follow your dreams, imo, you're doing it right. Even if there are some bumps along the way.

                    lazer said it best, "I believe anyone can do what they dream of doing, with the right motivation and drive. Yes, it takes time, but if you're passionate about it, you find time."


                      Like Henry Ford said.

                      Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.


                        Congratulations! its amazing what you´ve archived so far, i would love to be you, but im not that smart =S, anyway is inspirational


                          Since this topic is in the 'Pimps Talk' area can we get a Link in the 'First post' of all the 7days to die work you did/do also (along with your side projects)?

                          Just think it would be nice for the newer ppl who wonder and want to see the progression (I know if they search they will find it but...)

                          * Also, It would be nice if we could get the rest of the Dev's that work on 7days to die to post a mini Self-Bio (If they want). Pretty sure you all work on extra things as required but It would be nice to get a feel for who focuses on what the most?, How they started out?, and did madmole (Joel) threaten your life to get you to work for them as The Fun Pimp (Richard) made sure nobody was looking? Or did they promise you Booze and Boobs? (which Doc seems to be the head man on that :P).

                          ofc as time permits (just a thought) ...


                            liked the story! I have been slowly started learning through C# when I have time myself in hopes of one day messing with games, had a question for you though. You mention learning programming, did you basically learn C++ then on to Unity, when I looked around at languages seems people say to avoid C++ as a starter language and try something else like C# first. Any tips would be great


                              Very interesting read, it's awesome how you ended up working with the fun pimps.

                              Praise be to RWG! it's all I ever really play now.