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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 1

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    Originally posted by madmole View Post
    Because we don't want to clutter the recipe list up with a jillion recipes. Then you'll want a can of goldenrod tea and other stuff. Sod probably needs to just be removed from the game, its pointless.
    If toilets were effectively a slowly replenishing water source instead of a container you could do fill cans of water by right clicking at it with empty cans equipped. I never found it made sense that you would find 3 bottles of water in a toilet, I know the free bottles are for convenience though since the decision was made to stop the toilets being an infinite water source.

    And was sod not initially mentioned as being an early game fireproof material? Because burning zombies could torch your wooden fort?


      Is there are more Base dependings things (for PVP) planned? Atm, raiding a base is only a time issue. If you have enough time you enter every base.


        Do you have plans to add infinite player-made sources of water to the game? Like an electric water pump, for instance?


          Originally posted by madmole View Post
          Are you really in the hospital or trolling?

          Umm all I can promise is hornets that look like vultures. Hopefully we get something better than that, but that is what I can get done for sure. And I can justify that because zombies have no stamina and a limited CNS function, so they could in theory just hover around like the current hornets do.
          Sadly, my knee decided it wanted swell to the point where I was crying like a baby for them to just take the leg... Morphine didn't work, hence the dilaudid. Great stuff, highly recommend it. Takes about 10 minutes to write a coherent post though.

          Anyway, they took 4ozs of liquid from beneath my kneecap, that was fun, and now I'm waiting to find out why it did swelled in the first place. Infection, gout, dunno, I'm just glad they were able to rule out embolism.

          Re vultures: good luck with the animations, that'll be a challenge. Looking forward to them.



            Hey Madmole. Love the game. Thanks so much for everything.

            Can you please speak to someone about implementing a proper keybinds.xml or the like? Would love to be able to edit my keybinds from outside the game (keeping backups and all) as well as maybe allowing for two keybinds per action (I like my jump on my keyboard and my mouse).

            Thanks again.


              Great first volume of questions guys. I'm closing it up at 50-ish posts. See you in volume 2

              Here are all volume one answers

              Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 1
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