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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 3

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    How is the progress on the RWG and Socket system, can you give any more details or sneak peaks on features or awesomeness?

    Thanks for what you and your team do.


      Question for madmole

      Q- this question was lost in another thread but in A16 any chance of adding more to farming, plants, seeds, food.perhaps a perk system for better harvest. The pine trees I've noticed don't have seeds only pine and maple. Other trees perhaps oak with acorns. Farming with pumpkins, wheat where flour comes into play bread then moldy bread after several days.


        Is it intended behavior that only the host of a multiplayer game hears and sees lightning effects? (while the other player/s do not hear or see the lightning)


          So excited for electricity in A16, but loving A15 all the same.

          I assume there would be a backend log of some kind that you guys use to help with bug fixes? It's pretty frustrating when we're met with a bug that kills us and we don't understand why. Any chances of having more explanation in the upper-left corner? Ie, ZombieHorde died from starvation. And that way we can also help report these bugs back to you guys.


            Sup MadMole!
            Electricity and zip lines look abso-♥♥♥♥ing-lutely SICK!!

            Are these features planned?
            - logic gates (and, or, not..)
            - pistons (minecraft style)
            - electrified fences

            Thanks bro
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              Hi Madmole,
              can you make a Notice Board for Multiplayer?


                Assuming bandits make it in, how common will they be in A16? Will they be a rare sighting or common? If you guys haven't decided yet, what would you like to see?


                  Mining Question

                  Q: Boulders seems to be the best way to get any ore except iron. Any plans to rebalance either the yield from the near bedrock local ores or the yield from the boulders?

                  Comments: It seems to me that the reward is not high enough to dig to bedrock and look for the local ores
                  Absolutely love the increased difficulty in Alpha 15, and i am in general absolutely in love with the game.


                    More settings for more freedom

                    Hey MM,

                    my question is - when will you add more options (and I mean a bunch of them) to turn different things on/off depending on how we wanna play the game?

                    Right now you are going in a direction that requires us to do things in a certain way OR we just can't "customize" our game much, which would be much appreciated if we could! I hope there are plans for creating a bunch of options even though you have stated that you don't like it! Players do


                      will there be solar panels with the addition of electricity maybe not something you can craft but find on the map also with jars and making anything with water you dont get the jar back why is that you should get the empty jar back

                      will you make it so the claim blocks will make it so zombies wont spawn in that radius me and my friends built a decent sized community so we can each have our own house surrounded by a trench how ever they spawn inside i want to fight them from the outside


                        Hopefully the forum wont crash!

                        Can we get the missing poi from alpha 15 navezgame into random gen?

                        Also, any chance of new zombies in 16, or at least some additional alternate skins on existing ones?


                          Hi bearded dude

                          Will the right click / zoom / cross hair view of the weapons get any reworking in A16? It's been mooted before and certainly with the bow and crossbow right clicking to zoom ends up hindering vs helping aiming.



                            What do you think about adding a shield, that can block off a single enemy?
                            It would be super handy to defend yourself against a dog in the early game stage. When you are out of stamina you are basicly dead. Blocking off the enemy would allow you to regain stamina and escape.

                            You and your team are the most sympathetic developers I know.



                              Is there any chance that the quality/condition of weapons could be reworked to affect accuracy/reliability instead of damage?

                              A 9mm feels like 9mm no matter what type/condition of gun it is fired from (mostly). I would rather see the accuracy affected and maybe even frequent jams on low quality/condition guns. Bonus if it exploded in your face when condition gets to zero.


                                Night Vision

                                Hey MM,
                                Loving the game! Any plans for updating the night vision goggles? Currently activating them shows a lot of static and is pretty hard to see at night with it on. Would love to be able to use these as an alternative to the mining helmet.
                                Thanks! Stay awesome