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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 3

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    Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 3

    Questions and Answers with Madmole is back and we have some nice cushy seats all reserved for you on the Alpha 16 hype train. Madmole will answer these questions in a future video.


    1) One question per person. Period. Additional questions will be deleted so ask your best one first if you plan to be a rule breaker.

    2) Please do not answer anyone else's question. This is not a discussion thread. Simply ask your question, step to the left, and receive your soup.

    3) Keep the questions focused on Alpha 16 or on "behind the scenes" development curiosity.

    4) Watch past Q&A videos and read the current thread and do not post duplicate questions. Questions that have been asked and answered will be moved to the already answered thread.

    Past Q&A Videos

    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 1 Video
    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 2 Video

    And Finally....

    Q: When is Alpha 16 going to be released?
    A: When it's done.
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    Will it be possible to make an option to where if our character dies, you will respawn as a completely new character? Our level will be back to zero and our map will be unexplored again, the base that your previous character has made and the places he/she raided will remain.


      MM, we didn't get a Christmas easter egg last year, wth man, you held out on us. So my question is, will you put something in for us that represents whatever holiday "Soon(tm)" is near?


        Will A16 make the stutter go away?

        In A10, A11 or A12 (I dont remember) we had a permanent action on our hard server with plenty Z and without stutter. Looting a destroyed town was not possible on your own, because more and more Z made you walk backwards while shooting. (I made 30k kills on that Server without cheating)

        The Fun Pimps has proven to do such great work in gameplay-decisions, that I can settle all my trust in them.
        And I prefer to discover the changes on my own.



          Hey MM, will there be more bows, like modern compound bow, or new crossbows and will we be able to change their crosshair colors in settings menu?


            Will there be a female trader added? If not A16 then maybe later?


              Is there ever going to be a mini map option like we had back when I initially bought the game back in alpha5/6? I'd love this in the options. Maybe make it a SatNav for the bike that can be carried around on foot too. Loot parts, make satnav, have mini map once again
              Those who want more realism just don't have to enable it.



                Hey MM! Loving the job you do keep it up!

                Question: Can we have a visual indicator of block stability/ structural integrity?

                Hence often when you build big structures game mechanics go Nuts and you can not see where stability ends as sometimes the structure looses integrity for no reason even if you did all by the book...

                Update: This is especially true when you are building a building that exceeds your field of vision/interaction etc.
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                  My question- Could you please upgrade the cooking system. I'd love to be able to craft stoves and ovens and maybe the perk of them is that they take more than one pot and grill and therefore have more crafting space for queuing items and more space for crafted items. Plus, not catching on fire because you get too close would be a plus and a buff against attracting screamers as well. Pretty please?

                  Hi Madmole - Thank you for my lovely addiction - nearly a year on the game and over 1,200 hours.

                  Great work with A16, I really dont know what the stuttering issues people are having are, maybe they need to up their gaming system.


                    Hey mm, love the distant terrain, it adds so much to the game.

                    Is there any chance molotov cocktails could be added? They would be great for setting hordes alight and would be very realistic as they are easy to make in real life.


                      Hey Madmole,

                      Loving A15 with UMA zeds and the distant terrain, you guys have done a great job!

                      My question: On the dev diary forum you mentioned you've got a stealth doc with planned features (yay!) so I'd be interested to know what ideas you have for stealth improvements in future alphas?


                        MM, the return of third-person vision and animations in the third person are planned ?
                        Pls I Love Third Person


                          Love A15, MM. Any chance you'll look at the super bright mine helmet issue many of us are complaining about? Flashlights look fine, but the mine helmet is way too bright. (I suggested making the mine helmet upgradable like weapons with poorer quality flashlights or football helmets being less bright or less armor protection, but that might be too much work for a short quick a16 update.)

                          Thanks for being generous with your time and being so open to community interaction and feedback!


                            A15 is the best!

                            What do you think about an auto coat on/coat off switch somewhere -or- an item you put in a special slot that would indicate it gets added if your 40f and taken off of your 90f?


                              Absolutely loving alpha 15. Can't get enough of it with my friends. One thing I would reeeaallly love to know more about is when there will be another water update. I know it would basically take a whole redo for water physics but I'm curious what your thoughts are.