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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 5

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    Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 5

    Questions and Answers with Madmole is back and we have some nice cushy seats all reserved for you on the Alpha 16 hype train. Madmole will answer these questions in a future video.


    1) One question per person. Period. Additional questions will be deleted so ask your best one first if you plan to be a rule breaker.

    2) Please do not answer anyone else's question. This is not a discussion thread. Simply ask your question, step to the left, and receive your soup.

    3) Keep the questions focused on Alpha 16 or on "behind the scenes" development curiosity.

    4) Watch past Q&A videos and read the current thread and do not post duplicate questions. Questions that have been asked and answered will be moved to the already answered thread.

    Past Q&A Videos

    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 1 Video
    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 2 Video
    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 3 Video
    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 4 Video

    And Finally....

    Q: When is Alpha 16 going to be released?
    A: When it's done.
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    Hi MadMole! Thanks for taking the time to do this wonderful PR work!

    How about a craftable distress beacon?

    Effect: Airdrops will drop significantly closer to your base. (May also attract bandits!)
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      Will player made maps ever be a thing? (ie/ like a player made Navazgane replacement).


        Hey dude, just broke 700 hours played, you guys are amazing. Love the game.

        My Question is this. I have loved everything about this game for a long time, but one thing that has always been missing for me, is the lack of a nicer diversity of grow-able food. I know your going to say this isn't farming simulator, but, id at least like to see Tomatoes, maybe a few other types of grow-able foods such as apple trees? bananas? lettuce, watermelons? just everyday stuff you could grow if you chose to do so. Would also add a much diversified look to the world if you added those trees into the biomes. Thanks for reading and look forward to the release!

        Mod Note: One question please and there is already a barbed club in the game that doesn't take too much imagination to name Lucille...
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          UMA Customization

          Hey MM! Thanks for these videos! They tell us that you care about this kick-ass game!

          Anyways, will regular players like me be able to make new zombies by using the new UMA zombie system?

          EX: Making a zombie look like a Bandit and name his class (Fresh Dead)

          Thanks MM!


            Will there ever be an option to scrap items into multiple component items (example: Fallout 4) or get multiple items as a crafting result? Not everything is so simple and some things should output more than just one component/item. (Just like you wrench some blocks, you get multiple items back)

            Example (scrapping):
            <item id="40" name="gunPistol">
            	<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/PistolPrefab" />
            	<property name="Material" value="metal,copper,spring,steel" />
            	<property name="Weight" value="5,1,1,2" />
            Example (crafting):
            <recipe name="10mmBullet,paper" count="10,3">
            	<ingredient name="10mmBulletBox" count="1" />
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              So, I know were getting some new clothes in this update, but when are we going to get new overcoats such as rain coats, trench coats, lab coats, overcoats, suit jackets, leather jackets(something the biker zombies can wear as well), high visabllity vests, bathrobes and claoks, also can you make the surgical mask the nurse zombies wear obtainable. k thx bye


                Thanks for being awesome

                Whats up Mole? Love the work so far. Game is by far the best i've ever played. Thanks for that. Now on to my question.

                Are there any plans to ever add a Silencer to the game? if not the traditional silencer, at least the ability to add a water bottle to the end or something along those lines? I know your a Walking Dead kind of guy so, surely you know the importance of silence. I think being able to kill those stragglers in the cities quietly would be pretty awesome and add another element to the game and also add some stealth that alot of players mention in these Q&A's.

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                  When you level up high- got a fortress and all goodies in boxes there is not much initiative to go outside your safe heaven. Will we get world events(both good and bad) that are so compelling or hurting to the player that he should go unless he wants to forfeit or take the chances of given outcome.

                  Example: Zombie party- special trader- earthquake- lucky item -big fair etc. World events that hurt player- plague, acid rain, bounty hunter, zombie portal etc.


                    Hi MM and TFP team. Thanks for the hard work and epic game.

                    Question :

                    Can you guys please impliment PvP zones ? As example, you can set in settings that 2km radius around Hub(Central) City, is PvP, and the game allows PvP only inside that area ? With notification that comes up " You entered PvP area".

                    Reason : We have a mixed server with those that want to PvP and those that just want to build, and it becomes difficult to manage that.


                      Ziplines for sieging

                      Sup MadMole! How you doin?

                      Now that ziplines are a thing in 7DTD, will we ever be able to attach one end of a zipline with a ballista like these, for sieging purposes?

                      Thanks bro!


                        Hey madmole, a16 sounds amazing, when you announced a15 I actually stopped playing until it came out because friendly npcs sounded so good I couldn't play without them.

                        My question is, would it be possible to have the player re-spawn system adjusted for a16 to fix a PvP exploit? If you have ever been on a pvp server you would know the most often used strategy for raiding is digging a small hole, placing your sleeping bag in said hole, bury the top and then just always use "spawn nearby". This turns base raids into less of a defense and more of a, whoever stays on longer wins, especially if bag or toolbar is set to not drop, (if bag then skilled players just hold onto 1 purple gun. Before dying they hit Q followed by E to instantly send their gun into their bag before death, or a sniper does this after every shot to ensure he keeps his gun.)

                        It seems a little broken to be able to keep spawning around an enemies base indefinitely because you buried 20 plant fibres in the ground.

                        Suggestion: When killed by a player, lose access to your sleeping bag for 5-10 real minutes, and appear quite a distance away from where you died.
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                          Have you guys figured out how players will attach the zipline wires from place to place? And what will you guys do so said wires don't clip through the terrain?


                            Hey MM,
                            could we get different types of current POIs? Different in terms of their internal design (placement of things), maybe different colors outside of the house & general differences in layouts!

                            Currently there are some different POIs, but it gets pretty boring seeing a house from a distance and knowing exactly that it's the "Forge house" & things like that! If current POIs had different layouts or general looks to it, that would be cool!
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                              Hey MM,

                              In your last video you talked about a method to indicate that a particular day is going to be followed by a horde night so people can know at a glance and not have to divide by 7 all the time.

                              I think it would be cool to see a dust storm on the horizon on horde days that gets closer throughout the day (created by the stampeding horde night zombies). This could also indicate the direction that the horde will be coming from and would pair well with an option for random horde nights.
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