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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 7

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    Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 7

    Madmole will answer these questions in a future video.


    1) One question per person. Period. Additional questions will be deleted so ask your best one first if you plan to be a rule breaker.

    2) Please do not answer anyone else's question. This is not a discussion thread. Simply ask your question, step to the left, and receive your soup.

    3) Keep the questions focused on Alpha 16 or on "behind the scenes" development curiosity.

    4) Watch past Q&A videos and read the current thread and do not post duplicate questions. Questions that have been asked and answered will be moved to the already answered thread.

    Past Q&A Videos

    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 1 Video
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    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 3 Video
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    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 6 Video

    And Finally....

    Q: When is Alpha 16 going to be released?
    A: When it's done.
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    Hey MM

    Can we expect those alarms to be in stores and once trigerred attract zombies?


      Hey, MM. First time, long time! Over 2100 hours clocked. Love it. Anyway, here's my question.

      I know it's been mentioned by some that they'd like to see player names from a greater distance(Don't recall seeing it on a Q&A episode, but on forums) but I wonder if you could add in the ability to turn the names off entirely. Would be a huge help to PvP streamers wanting to keep what server they're on much more difficult to find out. It won't completely prevent it, but combine no player names with hiding map/chat etc and it's extremely difficult.


        It's pronounced str-uh-ppi

        Hey MM and the pimps, thanks for everything and greetings from Austria!

        With the paint tool coming I was wondering what about the costs of using it. Will we need some kind of resource to paint? Like flowers crushed to paint? You already mentioned that you are thinking about giving some textures only after unlocking, what about increased costs for the "awesome" textures? Just to keep it balanced.


          Hey madmole! Love what you guys are doing with electricity! Now to my question:

          In Navezgane you guys have added really cool looking cities like Perishton. My question is if we'll ever get to see such cool cities in RWG as well. Maybe you guys could make a bunch of hand-crafted cities, then make the game randomly spawn one of them in the hub city of a rwg map.

          Also, you guys should show some sleeper action in next week's preview vid!
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            Will we be able to hide/cover up different traps (with dirt, grass etc)? That'd be especially useful in Multiplayer!


              Is there a possibility to keep the structure of the underground when painting? I dont really like to have every block now unidentifiable. From close range you should still see what material it is.

              Maybe make the textures as layers and slightly transparent (just from close range, 5 blocks far) and the old underground layer is as a pattern without color to see.

              Completely dont what your texture meory think of my photoshopphantasies or if this is techically realistic at all but i think it would be a worthy nice feature.

              edit: or dont do complete textur replacement at all and just go for coloradjustments in the main texture.
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                Its pronounced - stall- ions- den :-D.

                With the blue prints.

                i know there will be full house blueprints. however can there also be blueprints to sections of a house. like when you first start you may do a small cottage. then as you play further and learn more or even you can find blueprints thru out the world you can add blueprints onto the cottage to renovate it into a bigger place as such. kinda like the house you get in skyrim that you can build with the add on hearthfire.
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                  Keep up the good work!

                  Will you be adding advanced configurations to various blocks that can be used in electrical circuits?

                  Some examples:
                  Pressure plate configurations (1=pulse 2=toggle 3=toggle for x amount time then toggle agian)
                  Timers (Set lights to turn on only at night. Set alarm to only work for x amount of time)


                    Hey MM

                    I wanted to say that there's a serious problem with the workbench combine feature. People are abusing it to make 600 quality tools right off the bat on day 1-2. They craft a lot of stoneaxes, for example, then combine them all one by one in the workbench till they reach 600.
                    It feels a bit frustrating that one tries to play fairly, then others just abuse this and get to have the best tools with such a cheap method. Could you guys look into this and add a limit to this feature?

                    Thanks for all the hard work


                      Do you ever see a full settlement system as being part of the base game? (Pre-Gold Alpha? Post-Gold DLC?) I don't mean radiant quest givers etc, but recruitable survivors who can be led back to your base, housed, clothed, fed, guarded and put to work as miners, explorers, guards, doctors, farmers etc etc?

                      PS: Please unbind the Q key default mapping - hehe. Thanks ;-)


                        Hey Madmole,would it be possible to make all the zombies look more like the walking dead style zombies?
                        You know,faces to be more "skeletonish decayed",just like the new UMA zombie soldier that you showed us in your video,no lips,teeth visible,more visible veins,bones and so on.


                          It's still unclear what direction you're heading with uma development, but will we be getting any additional textures to use?
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                            With the new breadcrumb system, will we see a mode or setting that makes it so zombies only go for Windows, doors and or openings in the building? I.e Ignoring all the other blocks other than doors and windows. Tired of seeing them just attacking blocks just because. Thanks,


                              Sup MadMole, how you doin?

                              Painting looks great, but what about plain colors without any particular texture? Say I want to paint my house blue or green etc

                              Thanks bro