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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 8

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    Hey MM,

    thanks for the continued videos and updates. close to hitting 700 hours.

    my question involves the cross-hairs, are there any plans on adding the option to customize the Color? may be just a few extra color options, the reason i ask, in some biomes, particularly the snow i occasionally lose the cross-hair because it doesnt really have a contrasting color to the background.

    also really digging the new soldier, he reminds me of SOD's "Sargent D"

    ...including the color of invisible, please? --Roland
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      Hello, thank you for the game.

      Can we get binoculars please? They could be found, and/or made with 2 scope + duct tape + plastic or something. Would be cool.


        Hello Madmole,
        Will it be at Alpha 16 that the first person perspective will get new animations to make it significantly better such as when you hit the zombies with a weapon, or chop down trees, etc.?
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          Hey first time poster, thanks for all the improvements and features coming.

          I was wondering if we can get some more sound control, guns/augers/etc are EXTREMELY loud, would love the ability to adjust the SFX on them without affecting background noises. Currently the only way to turn them down is lower master volume, which drowns out all noises.
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            Weapon reload speed

            Hey MM, thanks for all the fun!

            I find the reload speed of some weapons a bit annoying. I know Magnum and sniper are very powerful weapons, but reloading times are so freaking slow. I think that it would be nice if the reload speed increases a bit as you level up the specific weapon skill. What do you think?

            Regards from Spain!


              The Shtogun has a 2m range???


              Joel, is there a plan to improve the range of the shotgun so that it does different amounts of damage depending on distance?


              (this is all calculated with a level 550 long barrel shotgun loaded with shells and max shotgun skill plus max boom stick and splattergun on default settings) one a 1 to 7 block range it should oneshot body shot spiderzombies, normal zombies and bloated walkers, military zombies should be a oneshot head shot and football players too. Ferlas in this range should be a 2 shot headshot, and cops should take 3. From 7-24 blocks it should one shot body shot all normal zombies, meanwhile military still take one too the head, and bloated walkers also need a headshot together with fottball players. Ferals now take 3 too the head and cops take 4. from 24-40 normal zombies take 1 to the head, and military, spider zombies, football players and bloated walkers all take 2 to the head. Ferals take 4 and cops take 5. I think this could be more reasonable than what it is now. Right now you need to be 2 blocks or less away from them to kill normal zombies to the head with shells, max skill in all shotgun perks and a purple shotgun for just normal. Another thing I miss is how you use to be able to see more of all tools and guns, plzz bring that back, I think it looks better. Plz fix the shotgun in some way, I just want to do damage with it as it is extremely week right now. Great work though alpha 15 is great. (buff the barbed club and iron tools as stone tools, and reinforced barbed clubs are just as good). Have a nice day to anyone who just read this long essay sorry it had to be so long.
              Lastly plz set the FOV back to 60
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                Hi Madmole, Merry Christmas to you and the Fun Pimps!

                Is it possible to make an option to generate a map of just pure wasteland hub city? Or any biome I guess, but the City would be a fun challenge for those of us who run max difficulty and still want more.

                I know you talked about releasing another pre-Gen map as a possible DLC in the future, and that is exciting because I love the team's creativity.

                We have a group who hosts a server where we have figured out how to make a smaller map of just pure city via the editor (large city map is crazy laggy!). I just think it would be a fun option for those who maybe don't know how to edit that stuff, but have maybe become very good at the game and look for a new play challenge. It could also be fun for PvP events etc.

                Anyway, thanks for the amazing sandbox to play in!
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                  That's all the room this week. If your question disappeared then it is here: Already Answered Thread

                  I've edited some entries because they were way too long. Madmole will not read a wall of text for the video. In most cased I separated the question and put it first left the rest below as optional reading if he feels like it. In other cases people tried to sneak in extra questions. You just get one and it needs to be simple.

                  If you feel that my edit ruined the nuance you were going for please PM me an alternative and I will make the change as long as it doesn't make things to complex.

                  Simple is good as exemplified by Guppycur's ultimately simple question this week.
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                    The answers to this Q&A thread are in the following video. Enjoy.

                    Alpha 16 Q&A Vol 8
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