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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 11

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    Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 11

    Madmole will answer these questions in a future video.


    1) One question per person. Period. Additional questions will be deleted so ask your best one first if you plan to be a rule breaker.

    2) Please do not answer anyone else's question. This is not a discussion thread. Simply ask your question, step to the left, and receive your soup.

    3) Keep the questions focused on Alpha 16 or on "behind the scenes" development curiosity. Do not ask about release dates or bug fixes. If you know of bugs report them in the bug report forum.

    4) Watch past Q&A videos and read the current thread and do not post duplicate questions. Questions that have been asked and answered will be moved to the already answered thread.

    Past Q&A Videos

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    And Finally....

    Q: When is Alpha 16 going to be released?
    A: When it's done.

    Hey MM, hope you and the family had a great holiday. LOVE the feral zombie idea. Seriously with all the cool stuff coming I can not tell you how excited I am over the idea. Makes EVERY zombie even more threatening now.

    So after seeing the new house in the last preview video I had an idea for a block. For those of us that like to build underground. Storm doors. They could cover a 2 -3 block long gap when making an underground entrance. Sort of like the current Metal Garage Door. Here is a pic of my entrance:


    Here is what I am thinking as a door for an entrance like that:

    chic-bilco-doors-in-green-before-the-white-horizontal-siding-for-home-exterior-design-ideas-scap.jpg SVAF - root cellar.jpg

    These could have some great uses as a new outside entrance to houses with basements as well. Would give us a second entrance into those flooded basements.
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      I love the new block shape mechanics and paint tool (although I am sad that the're not going to make the A16 cut). Could we please get another option on the radial menu for the paint tool to paint all faces of a block and not just the target face? Alternatively, you could leave the menu as is and press shift to paint all faces.
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        New Jumping Zombie Type

        There has been talk for a while about making it possible for zombies to jump over 2-4 block gaps. What about making a special tall lanky feral mutant zombie with super long arms that runs on all fours (with back legs crossing in front like a lion or giraffe) that could span the gaps?
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          Car Wrecks

          I personally think the car wrecks could use some more variety, so how about police cars and army trucks ?

          Ps: Yeap, a matchlock carbine is like a musket
          Just an Idea for a single-shot starting weapon for a rifle build that can be crafted without a blueprint


            I'm back! Austria, this game, TFP and MM rulez!

            Will we see a Metal Version of the Stone Axe? Cause the hammer doesn't destroy things as good as the stone axe. Also it feels strange having the same barbaric, fast crafted tool the whole game. Maybe a camping axe (hammer on one side, axe on the other)

            I'll be back!
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              Camera, Artwork and More

              Hey MM, got a question for you regarding a fun way to share exploration, adventure, and also liven up a living room.

              What do you think about introducing a camera, where the player could take pictures of scenery, zombies, their builds, etc.?

              From here, they could find either a dedicated POI - like a one hour photo, or just some developing chemicals, or just a laser jet printer to print the photos off. This would use the so very abundant paper item.

              From here, they could craft a frame with a little wood and glass, or an album with scrap plastic and leather.

              What would make this fun is alt clicking on either a framed photo or album would let you view the picture (screenshot) full on screen.
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                Hi MM,

                I seen in your videos that you were bringing in at least one mutated super zombie type and I love the concept. I was wondering if in later builds if some kind of non human zombie mutation could be brought to air and sea as well?

                I know you mentioned buzzards but I would love to fight something like that flying zombie thing in the new resident evil trailer and a large mutated fish creature would make underwater activities very exiting.
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                  Weapon Gear?

                  Hey MM, just wondering if there's any talk on weapon attachments? Like an Acog, better sniper scopes with adjustable dopes, red dots, hologin scopes, thermal scopes? Also night vision doesnt work with the sniper scope? Thanks for an amazing game guys!!!
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                    Lootable vehicles

                    Hey man seriously super pumped for the behemoth messing up my ♥♥♥♥! It's gonna be awesome! and as a Unity developer myself I am genuinely amazed with what you guys have built one of the best games out.

                    Now to the question.
                    I keep thinking that there needs to be emergency vehicles around (police cars and ambulances) just like the sedans. but instead of generic loot its more specialised like weapon parts in the cop car and meds in the ambulances. Is this something that's been talked about?



                      Hi MM, I'm loving the game!

                      I see that you talk a lot about immersion and how it affects the game, and I myself enjoy very much when I can get truly immersed in a game, book, and so on. And one of the things that breaks this in 7DTD is the stores.

                      Do you guys plan on making different models for the stores? I'm not talking about the random bars, but having different brands for the same kind of shops (guns, tools, food). It just feels really odd to have only one brand for each category on the whole world. Also making them less noticable would help a little, since they stand out so much from the rest of the buildings.

                      Thank you for your time.


                        Could there be a stronger incentive to kill more Zs on horde night, like increasingly good loot on horde Zs, or weaker and weaker Zombies the more you kill?

                        That way you would really be motivated to kill them instead of having 8 Zs break their legs on spikes and slowly walk in front of them all night...
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                          Hi Joel, been playing 7 Days to Die since Alpha 4.

                          Will there be a terrain smoothing tool or procedure?

                          Placing Dirt, destroyed stone or other diamond shaped blocks can result in terrain looking similar to early Alpha. Maybe a right click on the shovel to average or flatten to surrounding blocks, using ctrl or alt to widen the area affected or switch between averaging a slope and flattening the ground.
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                            Hello MM.

                            We have an awesome draw-bridge!

                            Any chance of a 2 x 2 block size vertical lift, either ram or cable?

                            Ram lift 2 or 3 levels

                            Cable lift:

                            Build rails. motor, car, counter weight, fit (mine shaft)

                            great game tyvm
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                              Heya MM, love the game and appreciate the communication level you have with the community! Huge kudos!

                              Question: With the future implementation of water transport, would there be a water related enemy? Inspiration got from Ichthyosaur. Less activity at night so it gives incentive to travel at night?
                              Also maybe a loot zombie that spawns only at night and runs away when close, drops loot? ( L4D2 Fallen survivor )

                              Love your game! Keep up the great work!
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