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Ask Kinyajuu: A Q&A Feature Thread

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    Hi there Kinyajuu,
    there's not much talk about it so here's the question...

    Will rivers and bridges (improved versions) make it back into the game?

    Also... now is your chance to answer questions and direct some back to MM when they apply to his area.

    keep up the good work and thank you.


      Hello there Kinyajuu,

      Big fan of your work on RWG and played with it much for my mod to create a nicely looking random world. But in A15 it is impossible due to a bug to add in any NEW biomes, I can replace existing once if I use the same name, but I cannot add a new one to the library as it will create an error when you actually go to it (I think Tin discovered it was related to the sounds of the biome). Will this be fixed in the new iteration of Random Gen, as in will the new tools allow us to add extra biomes in?


        Welcome to the q&a madness!

        How far along with your work towards the a16 release are you, and have you looked at all into adding rivers, streams, or waterfalls?

        (I'd imagine waterfalls would have to be pois plugged in like intersections along roads.)


          If you had everything else done, had the time, and was given the green light, what is something you'd like to add to the game?


            Hello Robert,

            being the guy responsible for the awesomeness that is random gen, are you invloved in the planned world building feature and willing to (at this point) address questions relating thereto?

            Kudos to another funpimp facing the forum's madness, may your beard grow formidable and your pockets swell with peso.


              So after you get done with Random Gen whats next on the list for the Ninja?


                is there any chance we could zoom out a little bit more on the map screen? not the entire extent of the map but maybe double what we have now?


                  Madmole already mentioned we'll only get vanilla prefabs working with the distant PoI's in A16 and that there may be tools made available in future for custom prefabs to be converted into this system.

                  Are there any limitations to what types of prefab can be added to this distant drawing system or do you think any prefab regardless of dimensions could be made to work?

                  and a not so important one,

                  The old grid cities while quite boring compared to the layouts we've seen snippets of with the socket system offered some interesting ways to modify because of the method of dropping prefabs onto a 'cityblock' which contained the details like paths, curbs and street lights etc. Will the new socket system also have a way of incorporating these details too? or are we gonna have something similar to the current town layouts where the prefabs are sitting next to the road with no other details.

                  I've already decided after 16 drops to work on a custom hub to preserve the 'old' style city so things like the sewer/subway cityblock mod can still be enjoyed, no ninja changes to custom hub layouts please ;D


                    Same question I askd MM and he said to ask you

                    Is there any chance we can name HUB ourselves. It will add to the game as in for example my game/server I could have a Gambo, Gamboville, Gamtown, etc


                      Originally posted by LemonheadCody63 View Post
                      What are you working on?
                      Currently I'm working on socket towns as my main project. I'm also working on utility based AI (based on "needs") for the upcoming bandits on the side, this is mostly R&D work at the moment. Many other things are coming up but that's what I'm doing right now.

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      Originally posted by Roland View Post
                      Will socket cities only fill in the relatively flat areas of the terrain or will parts of cities actually spawn on hillsides and inclines?
                      They are planned to spawn on hillsides and inclines so long as they aren't too steep. I have it tamed down currently as there is an issue with path intersections.
                      I'm having to think up a separate thing that is just an intersection to help make sure they are flat and roads line up to each other correctly.

                      - - - Updated - - -

                      Originally posted by Demonoid74 View Post
                      Any progress on the new perlin worm system caves? Would love to see anything about them
                      This is currently being researched and developed by Christian Lang, he's really good at that stuff and is trying to get it to work in both the static Nav and RWG last I heard. He's been busy with things like taking the distant POI stuff and making it work and look good as well as quite a few other things. So overall that is an "I don't know for sure."


                        Originally posted by Robfly View Post
                        Will there be level limits for using tools / weapons and level caps for crafting / assembling ?

                        Not sure if you can answer this.
                        I'm not sure I understand the question.

                        If you mean skill levels, there already is a cap.

                        If you mean how many you can dabble in, not sure, I think we went with, "if you put in the time, you can max it out".

                        If you mean stopping you from using a tool or weapon due to your level, not that I'm aware of, I do a lot of the work in the items and calcs so I'm sure I would have heard about it if we were.


                          Originally posted by LuckyStar View Post
                          Hi Kinyajuu,

                          What advice can you give to prefabbers to prepare for A16?
                          [ie: Will it be difficult to manually spawn Prefabs into cities with hills? Will we have a system in place for distant LOD models? etc.]

                          Anything you feel might be helpful would be appreciated.
                          If you're wanting a prefab to spawn in a socket town, it'll just have to find the space with ground heights that stay within a range of it's calculated socket size.

                          Socket Size = (Prefab's width and depth + 1) / SocketSize (21 meters) and then get the ceiling of that value (eg; 1.0000001 = 2).
                          Prefab size is 32x40x29, we don't need the height so we take that off. Making it 32x29. now let's use the formula on the width:
                          socket width = (32 + 1) / 21 = 1.5714
                          so our socket width of 1.5 would be 2

                          Then you just do the same with the depth. This decides how many sockets it will eat up in a town it then checks all of these to make sure that they fall within 3 meters of the original socket that is beside the road, if so, it spawns it. I've seen the school spawn in many towns so far so I think getting customs working with it should be a non issue.

                          As for the Distant POI items, it's currently a console command on our end but there are several steps to it. Christian Lang worked on that bit but I'll check with Chris and see if there is a way for us to make it an end user thing if it isn't already set up that way.


                            Originally posted by Gobarg View Post
                            will there be an end to the micro biomes?

                            Currently I get little patches no more than a few blocks wide of different biomes in larger biomes
                            I'm not aware of any little patches except for right on the border of two biomes where it kinda swishes around a bit. With how the biome generator works for RWG there shouldn't be any micro biomes, they are all of relatively similar size due to being generated from a voronoi pattern.

                            You're going to have to show an example of what you're talking about for me to answer that properly.


                              Originally posted by Felio View Post
                              I guess biome blending used to be a thing... I read that somewhere anyway. But what about requiring adjacent nature-type biomes to have similar temperatures? So a desert would have to be bordered by plains, never a lush forest (or snow, yikes). Climate-neutral biomes like wasteland, burned forest or city could go anywhere.
                              It will take playing with the biome generator modules in the xml a lot to get that kind of layout working. I will eventually tackle this but at the moment it's staying how it is.


                                Originally posted by Crater Creator View Post
                                Thanks for doing this, Kinyajuu! I love procedural generation, and I think you're working on some of the most interesting stuff in this game.

                                What bugs me the most in RWG is seeing roads that take an illogically, impassably steep path over mountains. Could the new road system insure that roads don't exceed a slope limit?

                                In cases where the algorithm wants to connect two points but the slope would be too high, I see several alternative approaches besides just skipping that road:
                                • Divert the road through the nearest 'natural' mountain pass
                                • Add bends to the road until the slope stays under the limit (aka switchbacks)
                                • Make a cut or tunnel through terrain that's too high, or a land bridge across terrain that's too low. The game seems to already do this up to a point, but it doesn't fix all cases.

                                Ideally, the generator would have all these tools at its disposal, with a bias for the option that's the least 'work' (for the fictional highway construction crew) in each case.
                                Diverting the road means I would have to know that there is a dip somewhere within the current hub cell that I can run the road to and this isn't the case if the road ran over the mountain to begin with as astar pathing is used to run the roads along the path of least change (cost) as it is.

                                Switchbacks would be cool, something astar should do on it's own if there is a viable route, I may just need to adjust the cost for slopes and rule some completely out. I'll tinker with some of the dials and see what I can make happen.

                                I wrote some code for making tunnels and roads on pillars a while back. Lost the code due to needing to do other things and not backing it up. I want to implement it again if I can find the time as it makes roads over water look much nicer.

                                Thanks for the good ideas!