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Ask Kinyajuu: A Q&A Feature Thread

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    Ask Kinyajuu: A Q&A Feature Thread

    "You'll have to ask Robert that", said Madmole smugly through his impressive beard.....

    And so it begins. A new era in developer/gamer communication. Robert aka Kinyajuu has graciously accepted to answer your questions regarding love, relationships, and self-mutilation.

    Not really. He has said he is willing to try out a special Q&A thread for questions regarding terrain, random gen, socket system, poi's, caves, etc. This will not be a video series. Periodically whenever he has the time he will answer some of the questions in this thread. So now for some rules....

    1) This is not a discussion thread. Please ask only one question and do not answer anyone else's question. We want to read Kinyajuu's responses.

    2) Please read the thread before you post your question so you don't post a duplicate question.

    3) Questions should be related to what he is working on and questions regarding random gen, the socket system, (questions about the code as it relates to modding are okay), etc. DO NOT ASK ABOUT RELEASE DATES OR CONSOLE ISSUES OR BUG FIXES

    4) After approximately twenty questions the thread will be closed so that Kinyajuu can answer them. Then the thread will re-open allowing for more questions. Once a new round has started you may ask another question if you asked one in a previous round.

    Thank you very much for your willingness to do this Kinyajuu!

    For a great bio of how Kinyajuu got involved with this industry and eventually got hired by The Fun Pimps please go here. It is an extremely interesting read.

    Kinyajuu's Answer Posts

    Round 1 Answers: 24 - 41
    Round 2 Answers: 64 - 76
    Round 3 Answers: 94 - 100
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    What are you working on?


      Will socket cities only fill in the relatively flat areas of the terrain or will parts of cities actually spawn on hillsides and inclines?


        Any progress on the new perlin worm system caves? Would love to see anything about them


          Will there be level limits for using tools / weapons and level caps for crafting / assembling ?

          Not sure if you can answer this.
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            Hi Kinyajuu,

            What advice can you give to prefabbers to prepare for A16?
            [ie: Will it be difficult to manually spawn Prefabs into cities with hills? Will we have a system in place for distant LOD models? etc.]

            Anything you feel might be helpful would be appreciated.
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              will there be an end to the micro biomes?

              Currently I get little patches no more than a few blocks wide of different biomes in larger biomes


                I guess biome blending used to be a thing... I read that somewhere anyway. But what about requiring adjacent nature-type biomes to have similar temperatures? So a desert would have to be bordered by plains, never a lush forest (or snow, yikes). Climate-neutral biomes like wasteland, burned forest or city could go anywhere.


                  Thanks for doing this, Kinyajuu! I love procedural generation, and I think you're working on some of the most interesting stuff in this game.

                  What bugs me the most in RWG is seeing roads that take an illogically, impassably steep path over mountains. Could the new road system insure that roads don't exceed a slope limit?

                  In cases where the algorithm wants to connect two points but the slope would be too high, I see several alternative approaches besides just skipping that road:
                  • Divert the road through the nearest 'natural' mountain pass
                  • Add bends to the road until the slope stays under the limit (aka switchbacks)
                  • Make a cut or tunnel through terrain that's too high, or a land bridge across terrain that's too low. The game seems to already do this up to a point, but it doesn't fix all cases.

                  Ideally, the generator would have all these tools at its disposal, with a bias for the option that's the least 'work' (for the fictional highway construction crew) in each case.


                    Ran Gen Options

                    I was wondering if the Pimps would be willing to give us more options for randomly generated maps. Things like map size (smaller maps would be great for man pvp servers, or servers that ban minibikes) or sliders for terrain and biomes (similar to the Civilization games) would be a great boon to us. Even something to tweak POI frequencies would be rad.

                    Thank you!


                      How is the socket system coming along, and what have been your moments of personal triumph/frustration during this endeavour?

                      Thanks for your time.


                        Will the socket system take in account the "needs" of a city? e.g A city\town of a certain minimal population size will have a Shamway in it.


                          In this cities there Will be gyms, pools, stadiums, libraries and other public place or only Houses? I think Will be more immersive and realistic.
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                            Are there any plans to vary the size of the prefab footprints, allow two smaller prefabs to share the same building plot, or to allow a prefab to spread over multiple building plots?


                              Thanks Kinyajuu for giving this Q&A a try!

                              Similar, but not the same to Gobarg's question about "an end to micro biomes": Seeing as the snow biome is rather important because it allows you to loot Augers and their parts aside from horde nights, could you make sure that a player begins a random game somewhat close to a large enough snow biome? This would also help in finding good amounts of nitrate.

                              Some of them are too small and have only a few lumberjacks. Others are too far away, which pushes you towards the ~60MB map limit/bug that clears already uncovered areas.