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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 12

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    Hey MadMole and TFP great work ,thank you for taking to the time to do these Q&A's , My dad and i love the game . we play everyday

    My question is : Have you considered legendary recipes ? like a Katana ! that would require massive resources to get Tamahagane . like 1000 coal 1000 clay and 1000 iron = 5 pieces of tamahagane and 7 pieces would be required to make a sword (Soshu Kitae) , and brass for the hilt leather and bone for the handle , maybe even a special bone retrieved only from the giant berserk zombie , or perhaps it would require 3 schematics one for the blade one for the hilt guard and one for the handle? any how love the game keep up the great work , and thank you

    Jon Dillinger , like the bank robber


      The medical skill seems to be a much under used skill. Is there any reason why all other items in the game have a quality level but not medicine? Will that skill ever get fleshed out to the point a person could basically be a doctor for a team in that they make the medicine and even apply it to injured team mates?
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        No Legs?

        Hey MM, absolutely love the game and all the communication from the team. I've bought 4 extra copies and gave them to some friends, and 7DTD has quickly become my favorite game currently out!

        Question: Can we get legs for our characters when we look down? Right now if we look down it feels like you are just a floating head with a pair of hands and this really breaks immersion. I think this could also help people losing their sense of direction while mining underground.

        Thank you for all of your effort, keep up the amazing work!!


          MM, as an artist, on what aspect of the aesthetics of the game has it been the most rewarding to work?


            The painting system is looking great.

            Is there any chance of implementing a similar system to let the players dye clothing and/or armour into a variety of colours and patterns?