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Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 12

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    Alpha 16 Q&A with Madmole: Volume 12

    Madmole will answer these questions in a future video.


    1) One question per person. Period. Additional questions will be deleted so ask your best one first if you plan to be a rule breaker.

    2) Please do not answer anyone else's question. This is not a discussion thread. Simply ask your question, step to the left, and receive your soup.

    3) Keep the questions focused on Alpha 16 or on "behind the scenes" development curiosity. Do not ask about release dates or bug fixes. If you know of bugs report them in the bug report forum.

    4) Watch past Q&A videos and read the current thread and do not post duplicate questions. Questions that have been asked and answered will be moved to the already answered thread.

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    And Finally....

    Q: When is Alpha 16 going to be released?
    A: When it's done.
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    MM, Will we be able to replace the MP-40 on the turret with shotgun, sawed shotgun, pistols, revolvers, crossbow et and will we have to load them with ammo for shooting? Thanks for video. I like it.
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      Can we steal turrets with a wrench, like work benches?
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        With all the new blocks and block related improvements, will mining, SI and terrain blocks in general get some more attention as there are still a lot of things / problems that seem to have been deliberately left untouched for quite a while (afaik since ~A13) ?

        - terrain block on building block = floating diamond
        - stone underground collapses into destroyed stone with bricks in it instead of gravel
        - collapsing often doesn't fully collapse / leaves floating areas
        - terrain smoothing sometimes leaves floating artifacts
        - sudden texture changes on all surroundings while mining
        - textures ending up on wrong terrain blocks, ie. bedrock textures on stone
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          First of all, thanks for doing this Q&A

          Are there any plans to ever add train tracks, minecarts and draisines ?



            what about adding Tomahawks? maybe the steel one's will be 1 hit kill but you have to retrieve them.


              Concerning the paint tool:

              Can we, as a server, add our own textures to the game, for players to paint their base with or would they have to download the textures first?


                Sorting And Lantern

                Hi Mad Mole first time poster.

                What do you think about adding a lantern that would cast a bigger and whiter light?

                Keep i good work. Thanks!!!

                I had a question for the ability to sort a chest with a button. I would think that it wouldn't be difficult seeing that their is already sorted menus like in the crafting menu.


                EDIT: You can already sort a chest in the same exact way you sort your inventory in the crafting menu. Click on the chest icon in the upper left corner of the window and the contents of the chest auto sort. -- Roland
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                  Have you considered having whole intact guns with broken parts in them as loot instead of separate gun parts?

                  Looking at how we loot guns, I find it odd that every survivor from one end to the other in navezgane has decided to pull apart all of their guns and scatter the parts across the land. So have you guys considered having them all spawn in fully intact and just have a majority of the parts in each gun be a "broken" piece, something unusable and unrepairable but still offer scrap while also allowing guns to spawn in whole over in parts? Its not only odd to open a safe and find 5 pistol barrels, but also frustrating to take all that time getting in there to find many copies of the same part.

                  Loving the hard work you guys are doing, A16 looks great, especially with buildings in distant terrain. Now we just need some binoculars XD
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                    Hey MM, great game you guys have built love it.

                    Will there be any different variations of POI's? i.e different layouts so they all feel authentic and new or maybe more variety in the types of buildings there are (kind of looks like there is but i just wanted to confirm) The work you have done is amazing and i think that would be icing on the cake for scavengers when coupled with ran gen 2.0.
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                      Hey MM,

                      Was wondering if ground texture could be painted over frames so you could make an secret entrance to your base by making a tunnel and covering the frames using whatever texture the ground is?


                        I love the game and all the improvements. I think you guys are doing a great job and I can't wait to see and enjoy the final product. As for my question I'll just keep it short. How do you feel about having brass knuckles in the game? The knuckle guard of the machete would serve as the weapon model for the brass knuckles, and it could also be a non-craftable item (like the machete). Plus it would save brass and add more playability to the game by creating a new fisticuff-based playstyle which would already be supported by all current blunt weapon-related skills/stats.
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                          Hey madmole, What do you think of the idea of distraction items like throwable road flares that you can use to distract the dead away from your fort or a building you're trying to loot.


                            Good day MM,

                            I've come across many caves that are flooded with water and since electricity is being added, I was wondering if you guys could add bilge pumps also so we can pump the water out of these caves? I started a multiplayer with my brother and the only caves we could find had water in all three of them. We were forced to dig our own shafts and search for quite some time to find resources.

                            Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing!
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                              When do you guys think you'll implement those awesome atmospheric effects again? The most memorable seeds I've played were when these were in game. If you don't recall what I'm talking about, here are 2 uploads by you as reference.



                              They add so much to the game.
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